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2006-03-21 Lansing Firm Creates Shot Counter for U.S. Rifles
Much like a car's odometer can mark mileage and remind drivers to attend to upkeep, the U.S. military is hoping a similar device in its rifles will be able to help soldiers. The Lansing firm Advanced Design Consulting USA Inc. has signed a contract with the military to produce 200 "Shot Counters," devices that are like odometers for guns, for the military's Special Operations forces later this year.

2006-02-27 Shot Counter Moves to Small-Scale Production
This maintenance device keeps soldiers safe from backfires and inopportune jams.

2004-11-29 Shot Counter Helps American Soldiers Automatic Rifle Maintenance
ADC's Shot Counter Helps American Soldiers Take the Guesswork out of Automatic Rifle Maintenance

2003-05-16 ADC Receives Navy Contract to Develop Shot Counter
ADC receives Navy contract to develop a lightweight, dependable device called Shot Counter for automatic weapons. Whether they fight terrorism or keep despots from waging a reign of fear, American soldiers need dependable weapons. This means that the United States military needs a way to track weapon use and determine accurate maintenance schedules.