Mark 75 3"/62 Caliber Gun System

Mark 75 3"/62 Caliber Gun System
Description A lightweight, rapid-fire three-inch gun mounted on small combat vessels. Single barrel, lightweight, water-cooled, rapid fire, remote controlled, dual purpose automatic enclosed naval gun. Because of performance, lightweight and low manning requirements, the MK 75 is suited for installation on small combat vessels. Current usage includes one gun mount each for some Navy frigates and hydrofoils, and for one gun mount each for the larger Coast Guard cutters. The Mark 75 was provisionally approved for service use in September 1975.

The Naval Systems Division (NSD) of FMC Corporation and General Electric Co. (Ordnance Systems Division) were both licensed by the gun's designer, OTO Melara of La Spezia, Italy, and competed for the right to manufacture the MK-75 in the United States. In 1975, FMC/NSD won the competition. Since 1981, however, all MK 75 buys have been competed for by FMC/NSD and OTO Melara.

Manufacturer Designed by OTO Melara, Italy, Manufactured by FMC Naval Systems Division and OTO Melara
Shot Counter Part Number WSC-M75
Technology Readiness Level 3, Analytical and experimental critical function and proof of concept.