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Mark 38 25mm Machine Gun System

M4 Carbine

Mark 38 25mm Machine Gun System
Description The MK-38 is a 25-mm (one inch diameter) heavy machine gun, effective to 2,700 yards (2,457 meters). Single barrel, air cooled, semi- and full-automatic, manually trained and elevated machine gun system. The MK 38 machine gun system (MGS) was employed aboard various combatant and auxiliary ships in the Mid-East Force escort operations and during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The weapons are maintained in a rotatable pool, available for temporary installation on various deploying ships and permanent installation on certain amphibious and auxiliary ships, patrol craft and Coast Guard cutters.
Manufacturer Designed and assembled by Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center; components procured from various contractors
Shot Counter Part Number WSC-M38
Technology Readiness Level 3, Analytical and experimental critical function and proof of concept.