M61A1 20mm Cannon

M4 Carbine

M61A1 20mm Cannon
Description The current version of the M61, the M61A1, remains relatively unchanged from past models. In its basic form the M61A1 is a six barreled rotary cannon firing a variety of electrically primed 20mm cannon shells. The gun can be mounted either internally in aircraft, or externally in a pod arrangement, and has been mounted on both ground vehicles and trailers for use as an air defense weapon. The M61A1 can be driven hydraulically, electrically, or by ram air and has a variable rate of fire of between 4,000 and 7,200 rounds per minute (depending on individual settings and performance requirements).
Shot Counter Part Number WSC-M61A1
Technology Readiness Level 3, Analytical and experimental critical function and proof of concept.